The Lightning app enables you to easily and efficiently enter minimal information about your client and start the application process? Why is this so great?

All normal hands on underwriting by us as if it were a paper application


placement ratio



More free time

for you


In some cases exams and/or medical records are waived

You still receive full broker commissions!


The carriers available are:

American General (non NY)


William Penn (NY only)


North American


United of Omaha (non NY)

John Hancock with and without Vitality (non NY)

Pacific Life (non Ny)

*you must be appointed before dropping a ticket

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For a special automated underwriting product provided by Lincoln, click below. This is only for Term Accel 15, 20 and 30 years. Ages 0-50 and up to $500,000. Call for details. No APS’s and sometimes exams.

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