Today’s Wall Street Journal


Today’s Wall Street Journal had an interesting piece on investor’s growing preference for index-tracking funds over “those that rely on stock pickers”.  The article is titled “Vanguard on Pace for Record Inflow’s” and talks clearly about how investors are moving money into indexed funds.  The insurance industry has provided you and your clients some exceptionally strong indexed products with high caps and even 100% participation rates.  Some even feature death benefit guarantees and overloan protection.

We, as you probably do, have our “favorite” IUL’s.  That said, each situation is different and the needs of each client are also different.  Working through us, you can offer clients indexed UL and indexed SUL products from the following outstanding companies:



John Hancock

Lincoln National

Minnesota Life

North American

Call us today to see what a quality indexed product can mean to your clients and yourself.  These products have come a long way since they were first introduced over ten years ago, and they clearly reflect the strong inclinations of people who are buying financial instruments.

We look forward to hearing from you,


Pat Joline and Brian Joline