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Joline Associates has direct writing relationships with the leading life carriers in the marketplace, and we combine the most competitive products with individualized underwriting services to successfully place your cases. Adept in both the preferred and special and unusual risk arenas, you will receive personalized communications and case design.

With extensive advanced marketing experience and point of sale support, as well as access to our consultative law firm, we are ready to work on your cases and turn them into paid cases.

Get your tentative quote by completing one of our impaired risk questionnaires. Or, if you prefer, call and talk with us about the case and the insureds health history.

Access Requirements, Guidelines by carrier, and Build charts by carrier

Download every state specific form needed for your next application.

Run term illustrations fast and easy.

Take a few moments to drop a ticket and let us handle the rest. Available for American General, Banner, William Penn, United of Omaha, Protective, SBLI, Lincoln, Pacific Life