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case architect


Building a case is all about personalization, individualization and thoughtful review of alternatives. This is what we excel at.



At Joline Associates we personalize case workup on your impaired and unusual risks and on cases in both business and personal situations



We learn about your client’s goals, cash flow, health, and even review payment alternatives for both business and personal clients. Multiple carriers and alternatives are reviewed before bringing best case alternatives to you. It all starts with a discussion.


With the needed information all you have to do is sit back and relax. We will put all the pieces together and get you ready to take the case proposal to your client.


Not only do we provide you with computerized illustrations and marketing materials, we are available for either teleconference or face-to-face client meetings with you. And, we never share in your compensation! We truly are here to support you and to help you make sales.

We will help you build the right plan for your client